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"Journal of Science and Technology Policy" is Iran's oldest scientific research journal focusing on science,  technology, and innovation policy and management.

The topics of the journal are:

- Innovation systems and science and technology organization;

- Effects of science and technology on society, culture, and ethics and vice-versa;

- Effects of science and technology on rights and laws and vice-versa;

- Knowledge management at the national level;

- transfer, dissemination, and localization of knowledge and technology;

- Science and technology policymaking;

- Economics of science and technology and technological entrepreneurship;

- Technology forecasting and assessment;

- Application of science and technology studies in policymaking

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Journal of Science and Technology Policy (JSTP)


p-ISSN: 2008-0840

e-ISSN: 2783-4476


Science, technology, and innovation


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Tehran, Iran


National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP)


Iranian Association for the Management of Technology and Innovation


Soroush Ghazinoori


Sepehr Ghazinoory

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Print and electronic publication

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Double-anonymized (anonymized authors and reviewers); At least two anonymous reviewers

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Maximum of ten days

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Maximum three to four months; Average eight weeks

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Manuscripts submitted to the "Journal of Science and Technology Policy" are checked using Hamyab similarity finder software. Detecting plagiarism in Persian manuscripts or English abstracts, the journal office immediately rejects the manuscript and blocklists the authors for five years. Therefore, all authors are advised to check their manuscript with plagiarism detection software before submitting it.

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Free and open access to full-text

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Authors own the copyright of their article without restriction. The author retains complete control over his scientific work (i.e. to reuse, distribute, and republish)

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"Journal of Science and Technology Policy" is published in Persian with an extended English abstract. It is an open-access scientific journal that publishes original and review articles in various science, technology, and innovation fields.

Open access statement

Iranian Association for the Management of Technology and Innovation, as the publisher of the Journal of Science and Technology Policy, fully accepts and adheres to the Budapest Open Access Initiative Declaration. The journal is an entirely open-access periodical, meaning that all articles will be immediately available to readers through the website after acceptance (as early access) and after printing (as free and open access). The use, distribution and sharing of articles in any media, network or website is allowed on the condition that the authors and the journal are appropriately cited. The benefits of open access for authors include:

- Article copyright protection for the authors;

- Free and open access for all readers and users worldwide;

- increasing the accessibility, visibility, observability and readability of articles;

- Increasing citations to articles;

- Lack of geographical restrictions for access; and

- Fast and in-time publication.

Informed consent of research participants

In "Journal of Science and Technology Policy", all participants in studying human subjects have privacy rights, and authors should not violate them without informed consent. Identity and identification information of contributors (e.g., first and last name) should not be published in written, photographic or genealogical form unless the information is necessary for scientific purposes and participants, parents, or guardians have provided informed consent. The participants' consent must be written, confirmed and filed in the journal office or the authors' workplace according to national regulations or local laws.

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Address: National Research Institute for Science Policy, No. 9, Qanei Rad (former Soheil) St., South Shirazi St., Mollasadra Ave., Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran

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Postal code: 1435894461; P.O. Box: 13145-554