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Article list of , year 1397,Volume 10 Number 3:
Authors: Maryam Ghaedi(*) , Mehrdad Madhoushi, Nader Razeghi, Abdolhamid Safaei
Keywords: Academic Corruption, Upstream Documents, Higher Education, Policies
Volume:  10 Number:  3
: 18
: 1
Since corruption in higher education is a pervasive phenomenon that educational systems have always been involved with and paid heavily for it, The purpose of the present study is formulating a non-corruption university model based on upstream documents and the laws and regulations of the higher education system in order to pursue the key mission of the higher education system and to improve its quality. This study is an applied research that has been done through qualitative content analysis method and based on the deductive approach of textual content, upstream documents related to higher education are analyzed as communicated strategies, and corresponding concepts are derived in the form of open and axial codes. In the first section, 77 examples of the set of laws on higher education in the country were selected through non-probabilistic and targeted sampling, so a typology of the rules of the higher education system was presented. In the second section, by analyzing the content of the 7 upstream documents of higher education, and deriving of the obligatory statements for universities and institutes, 19 main codes are extracted and grouped in four axes. These are: management and policy approach in higher education, providing infrastructure and financial resources, training of committed and expert human resources and policy implementation, which monitoring and evaluation of these has led to a model based on the standards of upstream documents in higher education. Finally, some suggestions for implementing this model are proposed.